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When all members of a community are full participants, everyone benefits.


We are seeking participants residing in Northwestern Ontario to enhance our research process, so that we can produce the most relevant findings for our region.

Participation is now closed. Thank you to all who have participated. Stay tuned for the findings!

Meeting Room

Join Our Validation Committee

We are seeking newcomer women from various communities  to participate in a validation committee. They will be responsible for reviewing all tools, in addition to commenting on all research findings. They will also contribute to the recommendations
produced by this project. 

Newcomer Women
Share your story.

We are seeking newcomer women who are employed in jobs that
are high demand due to COVID-19, found employment as a result of COVID-19, were laid off, had reduced hours, or were unable to work due to COVID-19, or chose not to work.

Businesswoman with Mask

Diversity & Inclusion

Renew NWO is committed to diversity and inclusion. We welcome and encourage participation from all newcomer women, including cis and trans women of various race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, education, disability, socioeconomic status and age. All newcomer statuses are also welcome: Canadian citizen (not born in Canada), permanent resident (economic, family sponsor and resettlement assistance programs), refugee claimant/protected person, temporary resident (spouse of worker or student, student, worker and visitor) and dual citizen (not born in Canada).

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